Sunday, September 13, 2009

The Matthew 7:16 Factor

Ok, in the entire universe of groovy things to discuss, I have a problem with this one. It lacks what I call the "Matthew 7:16 Factor," which says "by their fruits ye shall know them."

An apple tree doesn't stand there yelling "I'm an apple tree! I'm an apple tree!" You know by its fruit that it is an apple tree. Well, this bag has an identity problem.

It's telling me what it is instead of being what it is.

It's not the first groovy item using the actual word "groovy," but it's certainly the last straw. Why do you have to tell me you are groovy? It's like the laugh track on tv shows. You think I don't know when to laugh? How insulting.

I'm thinking we need to make a rule that any item without the Matthew 7:16 factor cannot be included in our groovy discussion.

All talk and no grooviness. Bah.

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