Thursday, February 21, 2008


Peeps are groovy. If you plan to buy Peeps for Easter, I recommend you get your yellow chicks soon. The stores sell out of them first.
We have a tradition of Peep Jousting at Easter.

This is where you face off two peeps. Each holds a weapon (toothpick) under his wing. Put them on a glass plate, facing each other. Cook them in the microwave about 30 seconds. They'll blow up, and the one who gets popped by the other's weapon first, loses.

May the best Peep win.


Sassy said...

Peeps are ultra Groovy- while yellow is the favored color,
Blue is also a groovy, it's very nice to send some to a friend as well, sharing peeps are so important!

Peep lover said...

Peeps! Love Peeps! Must have Peeps!

Laina said...

Peep jousting is awesome. i made bets with my older brother on which peep would win. i got 25 cents that day.

FavAuntTessie said...

I guess I had better hurry and purchase some of your fine peeps before the season ends. You say the yellow ones are best?

peep lover said...

Yellow are best because they're classic. Blue is an abomination. Who ever heard of blue chicks? That's just crazy talk.

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